Decompile java code with Cavaj

Decompilers are used commonly for reconstructing the lost code and is used across different programming languages and in all platforms. The use of decompilers in java programming language is quite high compared to other ones. I have written an article about Java Decompilers last year which talks about the best open-source and commercial decompilers. I missed an important freeware java decompiler called Cavaj which helps you decompile java source code from class files recovering the lost source code.

Cavaj reconstructs the source code with the Class View providing instant access to methods and fields in the form of a tree view. The good thing about Cavaj Java Decompiler is, it doesn’t require you to have Java installed to use the decompiler and it is just a light weight stand-alone application. Cavaj Java decompiler uses Jad as its Java decompiling engine which makes the application light weight and handy. Check it out guyz.


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