Enerjy for Java

Err is human thats what we say. Unit Testing, Code Review are considered as some of the bugging terms in the current software industry. It is because until now no software neither framework has been guranteed to be fool-proof or bug free. Testing of any software or an application can be done at two levels. One at usability and functionality level ie. nothing but black box testing. The second one is nothing but White box or glass box testing the internal structure of the application or software. In terms of Electrical Engineering this kind of testing is called ICT (In Circuit Testing). The success of a software or application is much dependent on White box testing for a long run in terms of scalability, maintenance, load-factor etc. You can find lot of opensource and licensed frameworks available in the market to test the internal structure of the design, framework, code etc. For Java development open-source tools like Junit, PMD, Hamurapi are the prominent frameworks that has been used wide across the industry. Now a new open-source framework called Enerjy joins the party.

Enerjy does something unique: it looks at Java code and produces the Enerjy Index – a 1-10 scale of integrity. This helps developers understand what parts of the code are likely to produce bugs – and why. Enerjy comes as a plugin for Eclipse. If you are familiar with Eclipse enviroment you can use it with ease. Enerjy has done a score of many of the existing best known Java-based open source projects. Here you can see them all, ranked by Enerjy Score. Click here to find the report. You can find a video about this framework in relation to the real world example below


Enerjy has done lot of research and has collected data from lot of source metrics, identified fault-prone zones and has come up with this framework to solve any kind of potential issues with the code. Enerjy has hosted a support forum to handle all the issues, doubts that arises with the framework. Probably you guys can have look into it and comment about the same…


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